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Meetings & Events

Meetings in the field of microcirculation and vascular biology & medicine

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Also National Society Meetings can be included!

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2015, June , Pisa, Italy (Prof. Rossi)

Joint Meeting 28th European Microcirculation Society (ESM)
and 8th European Vascular Biology Organisation (EVBO)

2015, Sept 25-27, Kyoto, Japan (Prof. Suematsu)

10th World Congress for Microcirculation
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2014, April 14-17, Kyoto, Japan

The 18th International Vascular Biology Meeting 2014 (IVBM 2014) will be held
at Miyakomesse in Kyoto, Japan.

2013, July 21-26, Birmingham, UK (Prof. Mann)

Joint Meeting 27th European Microcirculation Society (ESM)
and 7th European Vascular Biology Organisation (EVBO)
during the IUPS meeting.

2011, October 13-16, Munich, Germany

Joint ESM/GfMVB meeting

Joint Meeting of the European Society of Microcirculation and the German Society of Microcirculation and Vascular Biology 2011
Munich, Germany


2011, Sept. 21-24, Krakow, Poland

6th EMVBM meeting

6th European Meeting for Vascular Biology and Medicine 2011
Krakow, Poland


2011, Oct. 5-8, Berber Island, France

The “Tumor targeting & radiotherapies network” of the Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest is glad to announce its fifth European workshop dedicated to young researchers (PhD Students and Post-Docs). This workshop will be focussed to the " Apoptosis, Angiogenesis & Hypoxia in Tumor Microenvironment: Biological aspects and Imaging"


2012, March 30 - Apr 2 London, UK

FCVB meeting

Frontiers in CardioVascular Biology 2012
London, UK


2012, Sept. 27-29, Mannheim, Germany

Joint meeting of the German and Dutch Microcirculation and Vascular Biology Societies

and the Dutch Endothelial Biology Society


Past Meetings

2013 - 27th ESM - joint with EVBO and IUPS (Birmingham, UK) - Prof. Mann

2011 - 26th ESM - joint with GfMVB (Munich, Germany) - Prof. Pohl
2010 - 9th World Congress for Microcirculation (Paris, France) - Prof. Vicaut
2008 - 25th ESM (Budapest, Hungary) - Prof. Koller
2007 - 8th World Congress for Microcirculation (Milwaukee, USA) - Prof. Lombard
2006 - 24th ESM (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - Prof. van Bavel
2004 - 23rd ESM (Lisbon, Portugal) - Prof. Saldhana
2002 - 22nd ESM (Exeter, U.K.) - Profs. Tooke & Shore
2001 - 7th World Congress for Microcirculation (Sydney, Australia) - Prof. Perry
2000 - 21st ESM (Stockholm, Sweden) - Prof. Fagrell
1998 - 20th ESM (Paris, France)
1996 - 6th World Congress for Microcirculation (Munich, Germany)
1994 - 19th ESM (Rome, Italy)
1992 - 18th ESM (London, U.K.)
1991 - 5th World Congress for Microcirculation (Louisville, KY, USA)
1990 - 16th ESM (Zürich, Switzerland)
1988 - 15th ESM (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
1987 - 4th World Congress for Microcirculation (Tokyo, Japan)
1986 - 14th ESM (Linköping, Sweden)
1984 - 3rd World Congress for Microcirculation (Oxford, U.K.)
1979 - 2nd WCM in La Jolla, CA, USA
1975 - 1st WCM in Toronto, Canada

12 biennial conferences up to 1982

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