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ESM Prizes and Awards

At its biennial international conferences, the ESM grants the following awards to researchers in all stages of their individual career.
Next time, the awards will be given during the 27th European Congress for Microcirculation in Birmingham, July 21-26, 2013.

The Malpighi Award: 2013 winner is Steven S Segal (see the information)

Servier Award in Microcirculation : deadline to be anounced

Van Leeuwenhoek distinctive Travel Award : deadline Dec. 15, 2012

JVR/ESM Prize : all papers published in 2010 and 2011 (no deadline)

Young Investigator Award - ESM : deadline Dec. 15, 2012

Poster prizes - ESM: to be decided at the conference

Honorary Membership of the ESM

Aimago-ESM Award for research in Clinical Microcirculation : first presented in Munich 2011 (deadline to be anounced)

Click here for a list of awards of other societies.

The Malpighi Award

This most prestigious award of the ESM recognizes scientific achievements of a longer scientific career. It aims at researchers who are active in the field and stand out by their publications and scientific contributions, by their service to the entire field of microcirculatory and vascular biology research, and by their promotion of younger scientists. All Malpighi Awardees are Honorary Members and get free life membership to the ESM.
Nominations by national societies as well as by individual members of the ESM are welcome. They should include a two-page C.V., a publication list and a short description of the nominee's scientific contributions justifying the suggestion.
The awardee is invited to give the Malpighi lecture at the IUPS/European Congress for Microcirculation in Birmingham UK, July 2013. Furthermore, he will be asked to write a review for the Journal of Vascular Research.

The deadline for nominations (not applications) is Dec. 10, 2012

  Malpighi Award 2013:
Prof. dr. Steven S Segal
Un. of Missouri Health System, USA

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SERVIER Award in Microcirculation

This award is offered by SERVIER (donation 4,000 €) in partnership with the European Society for Microcirculation for an outstanding publication on microcirculation/vascular biology research in the experimental or the clinical environment. The project proposed must be original research, of international relevance and significant value and be consistent with the main objectives of the ESM. If you or one of your colleagues have published a very significant study during the last two years, please apply (or nominate a colleague) for this award!

Deadline to be anounced


Servier Award 2010:
Dr. Jun Yin
Institute of Physiology, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany,
in recognition of the articles:
"Negative-feedback loop attenuates hydrostatic lung edema via a cGMP-dependent regulation of transient receptor potential
vanilloid 4"
by J Yin, J Hoffmann, SM Kaestle, N Neye, L Wang, J Baeurle, W Liedtke, S Wu, H Kuppe, AR Pries & WM Kuebler
Circulation Research 102: 966-974 (2008),
"Lung endothelial dysfunction in congestive heart failure role of impaired Ca2+ signaling and cytoskeletal reorganization"
by A Kerem, J Yin, SM Kaestle, J Hoffmann, AM Schoene, B Singh, H Kuppe, MM Borst & WM Kuebler
Circulation Research 106: 1103-1116 (2010).

Dr. Yun Yin

Servier Award 2008:
Dr. Jacqueline Shields & Dr. Mark Fleury
Lab for Mechanobiology and Morphogenesis Sciences de la vie, Institute of Bioengineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland
in recognition of the article
"Autologous chemotaxis as a mechanism of tumor cell homing to lymphatics via interstitial flow and autocrine CCR7 signaling"
by J.D. Shields, M.E. Fleury, C. Young, A.A. Tomei, G.J. Randolph, M.A. Swartz
Cancer Cell 11: 526-538 (2007)

Dr. Mark Fleury

Dr. Jacqueline Shields

Servier Award 2006:
Dr. Terhi Kärpänen
Molecular/Cancer Biology Lab, University of Helsinki, Finland
in recognition of the article
"Defective valves and abnormal mural cell recruitment underlie lymphatic vascular failure in lymphedema distichiasis"
by T.V. Petrova, T. Kärpänen, C. Normén, R. Mellor, T. Tamakoshi, D. Finegold, R. Ferrell, D. Kerjaschki, P. Mortimer, S. Ylä-Herttuala, N. Miura & K. Alitalo
Nature Medicine 10:974-981 (2004)
Dr. Terhi Kärpänen

Servier Award 2004 :
Christopher Heeschen & Alexandra Aicher et al. (Frankfurt, Germany)
"Essential role of endothelial nitric oxide synthase for mobilization of stem and progenitor cells"
Nature Medicine 9 (11):1370-1376,2003

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Van Leeuwenhoek distinctive Travel Award

This award entails a donation of 2,500 € to allow younger researchers (less than 12 years after examination) in the area of microcirculatory and vascular biology research to visit research laboratories to learn new techniques and discuss topics, methods and perspectives with established researchers. A number of centers of reference within Europe, most of them led by members of the Society, are willing to consider applications to host such visits. In addition, the recipient of the award is free to suggest other laboratories and places. Personal applications as well as suggestions are invited. The candidate - who does not need to be an ESM member - should provide a two-page curriculum vitae and a detailed section on scientific development and future perspectives. The proposed place(s) and research lab(s) to be visited should be indicated describing the future benefit of the visit to the candidate's research. The top ranking application will be rewarded by a free subscription of the Journal of Vascular Research for two years.

Deadline Dec. 15, 2012

Van Leeuwenhoek distinctive Travel Award 2008:
Dr. Jürgen Schymeinsky
Institute of Physiology, LMU Munich, Germany
Dr. Jürgen Schymeinsky

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All papers published in JVR will be eligible to enter for the JVR/ESM prize. $ 2,000 will be presented to the first author of the most prestigious paper, as judged by a panel of experts made up of 3 ESM members and 3 JVR editors. The awardee will be given free membership of the ESM for 4 years. Furthermore, he will be invited to organize a symposium at the next ESM Congress 2015 in Italy.

There is no application procedure. All papers published in 2010 - 2011 will be considered.

dr. R. Megens JVR/ESM Prize 2008:
Dr. R.T.A. Megens
Department of Physiology, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
in recognition of the article
"Two-photon microscopy of vital murine elastic and muscular arteries. Combined structural and functional imaging with subcellular resolution "
by R.T.A Megens et al.
Journal of Vascular Research 44: 87-98 (2007)

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Young Investigator Award - ESM

Together with the submission of an abstract for the IUPS / European Congress for Microcirculation in Birmingham in July 2013, young scientists may apply for a travel grant of € 500 which will cover the registration fee and support their travel costs. Prizes are awarded on the basis of the quality of the submitted abstracts. Travel Awards may only be awarded to an individual on one occasion, therefore previous awardees should not apply.

Previous award winners:

Lars-Erik Gelin Conference Travel Awards 2008 :

Joanne Ferguson
Bristol, UK
in recognition of the abstract
Permeability to water is increased in glomerular and systemic microvessels of male munich wistar fromter rats.

John W. Calvert
Bronx, NY, USA
in recognition of the abstract
Low-dose metformin therapy attenuates left ventricular dysfunction and reduces mortality in a murine model of heart failure.

Brunella Cristofaro
Bristol, UK
in recognition of the abstract
Neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) promotes reparative neovascularization and blood flow recovery in a mouse model of limb ischemia.

Past Awardees

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Poster prizes - ESM

During the Joint meeting of the European Society of Microcirculation, EVBO, and IUPS (Birmingham 2013), five awards of € 100 each for the best poster will be announced. (to be decided at the conference).

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Aimago-ESM Award for Clinical Microcirculation

A new award in clinicial microcirculation has been established by AIMAGO and the ESM:

the AIMAGO-ESM award for research in clinical microcirculation

This award will be presented to the best clinically oriented microcirculation free communication at the European Society for Microcirculation Conference (Birmingham, July 2013).
It will be judged on the quality of the science and the defense of the work by the presenter.
The award entails 2000 € plus the free use of an Aimago Research machine for 6 months. If your work fits the criteria, please send your abstract to the President of the award committee (deadline to be anounced):

Prof Angela Shore , Vice Dean Research Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences
Scientific Director, Peninsula NIHR Clinical Research Facility
Tel: 01392 40 30 64
Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry; Universities of Exeter & Plymouth

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Honorary Membership of the ESM

Researchers who have been active in microcirculation and vascular biology for a long time (but may be retired from their professional duties) can be awarded honorary membership upon suggestion by national societies or individual members of the ESM. The suggestion should be accompanied by a two-page C.V., a publication list and the motives for the suggestion.

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LAFON Microcirculation Award for Outstanding Publications

Up to 2002 this career development award was given biannually (donation $ 5.000 by the Laboratoire L. Lafon) aimed at researchers in the first half of their career who have shown by relevant publications that they are able and willing to develop and support new concepts and perspectives for microcirculatory and vascular biology research in the experimental or the clinical environment.
As the Laboratoire Lafon no longer exists, this prize was donated for the last time in 2002.


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Awards of other Societies

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